Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Taken again?

Take 3 
Considering this could've been a lot better, it was a total let down in my eyes. To me the only good thing in this was Liam's acting and choreography, but other than that this movie really isn't that great. One major thing to notice is the plot holes in this story line, I know it's several years later but still the movie does not give us a great back story on Bryan and the family by just throwing us in to the story straight from the start; which in some cases is great but this movie couldn't pull it off. The acting was very miniscule or even non present the only good acting was the original cast from the very first movie, plus even their acting look very dry and lazy; just look like they didn't even want to do this movie. If you want to finish the series off go see it, other than that I was just very let down by the movie, and no offense but I think there should've been only one movie

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