Thursday, April 7, 2016


Truly a masterpiece yet again from Nolan! All the way through the movie it has so much science stuff that it is almost hard to keep up with, just almost too much. The actors were completely different from their other roles they have previously had; like Matthew was not the same type of actor he is In his other roles and so his acting range has just now sky rocketed from this movie. Of course the end blows your mind away just like half of Nolan's movies but this one was special because it is something that really is impossible but somehow he does it with style and I enjoyed the whole ride. while after the movie I picked my brains off the walls while leaving! Just amazing and I recommend seeing very soon. Also the entire set, scenes, and CGI were absolutely spectacular. Also the entire crew and cast made the movie feel realistic and felt like I was part of the whole journey. Definitely a must see movie. Well, if you love space and your brain can handle it.

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