Wednesday, March 23, 2016

X-men Days of future blast!

X-Men Days of Future Past
BETTER THAN THE AVENGERS.  I expected a lot from this movie but most of it was unexpected; the whole time travel thing might blow your mind. The characters in this one are just fantastic to see but unfortunately most of them don't get as much star treatment as the main ones we all know and love. The other things, as long as you've seen some of the other X-Men movies you'll flip out from all the cameos. Last I want to say a word about the sentinels; they are so unfair! You will hate them, they are the worst things put on not saying they were bad villains but they are just evil and they can't even think or talk JEEZ! This is a must see for almost everyone, don't wait for the DVD.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

End of watch

End of Watch
These two were great castings together, but what I really loved about them is their relationship together making the end so much harder to watch. My favorite stuff about this movie was two main things first was the camera angles how it was what I'd call "free mode" which is seeing it in first person, it made the movie and gun fights that much more intense. The second thing was the plot points is how the guys randomly found things that didn't move the plot or kill it, it was really cool to watch and of course a must see

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Amazing! The troubles Fletcher(Simmons) puts the actors through to keep pushing them to be better musicians is amazingly harsh yet needed. Simmons and Teller have a different chemistry that I don't think I see too often; which is they seem to have a buddy relationship with a hint of hard pushing father trying to make his son better than ever. This movie is just teeth grinding intense. Teller wanting to go through all of this awful stuff just so he can become one of the greatest drummers of all time. This movie is a must see. Everyone needs to see how great Simmons is in this role.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tomorrow Eh.

Tomorrow land
This movie had so much potential. The CGI, the cast, and even the plot could have made the movie great. The way the producers could have saved this movie is keep tomorrow land up and running and have the characters have to save the city from the evil dictator. The movie was very cool in a way, because the CGI was flawless and even the acting was sort of decent, but there is something that puts the movie off. The plot didn't help this movie become great like it was suppose to be. I was engaged in the plot and wanted to see the characters come out on top, but when tomorrow land showed up and did not exist anymore it showed that the whole journey or even the whole movie was pointless. The movie should have gone the route of having an outsider come help. Which the movie did, but if they kept tomorrow land in there I can bet the movie would have been twice as good. The CGI was good. The plot was good up until the point we find out tomorrow land does not exist almost. The acting was sub-par to most. If you thought this movie looked good go see it hopefully you will not be as disappointed as me.