Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Furious that I have watch another one of these

Furious 7
Very predictable, but still entertaining. Do not get me wrong even though physics don't exist in this movie and that I could see what was going to happen almost 100% of the time, this movie reminded me of a cheesey 80's action movie that was testosterone fueled by explosion, cars, and some all around good acting. Speaking of acting, the actors did very good but I think they lost their roots from the original movies. The CGI was kind of cheesey compared to what I have seen except for Paul Walker near the end part of the film, I couldn't even tell it was his brothers except for the very last scene. All in all this movie was extremely entertaining, you should see it if you want a good laugh and some explosions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Taken again?

Take 3 
Considering this could've been a lot better, it was a total let down in my eyes. To me the only good thing in this was Liam's acting and choreography, but other than that this movie really isn't that great. One major thing to notice is the plot holes in this story line, I know it's several years later but still the movie does not give us a great back story on Bryan and the family by just throwing us in to the story straight from the start; which in some cases is great but this movie couldn't pull it off. The acting was very miniscule or even non present the only good acting was the original cast from the very first movie, plus even their acting look very dry and lazy; just look like they didn't even want to do this movie. If you want to finish the series off go see it, other than that I was just very let down by the movie, and no offense but I think there should've been only one movie

Friday, April 22, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Disappointment

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
There is one major problem in this movie and that is the serious pacing issues. I have been waiting for this movie for three years now and the thing they get wrong is that they can not edit the movie correctly; with one scene having a fight scene and the other being the most quiet scene ever. The actors in their own right were great except Jesse(Lex) his take on Lex was not bad, but it was just different. Hopefully in later movies they will be able to form him into being superman's greatest foe, but at the moment he could have been better. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wanye/ Batman was actually brilliant even though it would've been hard to see him as Batman. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was pretty good; I would have liked to see the wonder woman that it was her first time coming to earth, but this one was still amazing. Also another thing wrong with the movie was the source material with batman killing. Now Zach Snyder came out and said that the killing was indirect, but still Batman refuses to kill which is what makes him one of the greatest heroes ever. The way we fix this movie is actually edit the scenes where they actually flow with the movie, show less of the fight in the trailers, get rid of doomsday in the trailers, show much more wonder woman some how, and fix the source material issues. All in all the movie was just a let down compared to what I was promised by Warner Brothers, but there are some redeeming scenes, like the rooftop scene with Lex, Bruce running into the rubble when the building is crashing down. The just could have been better, but we got a half assed let down in my opinion. Which makes me mad since this was becoming my favorite movie to see this year.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Avengers age of forgetfulness

Avengers age of Ultron
Yet again another great hit from Joss! The avengers are back at it again with a few more characters than before. The team doesnt struggle as much as they did in the first, which I have to say I miss but other than that they are stronger than ever in this powerful sequel. The entire cast did a marvelous job at acting just like the first, the CGI was phenomenal, the views they showed with the cameras were a treat to the eyes and of course the characters were very well developed. I am pretty sure I don't need to say this, but this movie is a must see. The only problem with this movie is that it is way too predictable and if you watch the last 5 trailers then you can see almost every part of the last scene, which is one of the reasons why I did not like this movie.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Truly a masterpiece yet again from Nolan! All the way through the movie it has so much science stuff that it is almost hard to keep up with, just almost too much. The actors were completely different from their other roles they have previously had; like Matthew was not the same type of actor he is In his other roles and so his acting range has just now sky rocketed from this movie. Of course the end blows your mind away just like half of Nolan's movies but this one was special because it is something that really is impossible but somehow he does it with style and I enjoyed the whole ride. while after the movie I picked my brains off the walls while leaving! Just amazing and I recommend seeing very soon. Also the entire set, scenes, and CGI were absolutely spectacular. Also the entire crew and cast made the movie feel realistic and felt like I was part of the whole journey. Definitely a must see movie. Well, if you love space and your brain can handle it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

X-men Days of future blast!

X-Men Days of Future Past
BETTER THAN THE AVENGERS.  I expected a lot from this movie but most of it was unexpected; the whole time travel thing might blow your mind. The characters in this one are just fantastic to see but unfortunately most of them don't get as much star treatment as the main ones we all know and love. The other things, as long as you've seen some of the other X-Men movies you'll flip out from all the cameos. Last I want to say a word about the sentinels; they are so unfair! You will hate them, they are the worst things put on not saying they were bad villains but they are just evil and they can't even think or talk JEEZ! This is a must see for almost everyone, don't wait for the DVD.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

End of watch

End of Watch
These two were great castings together, but what I really loved about them is their relationship together making the end so much harder to watch. My favorite stuff about this movie was two main things first was the camera angles how it was what I'd call "free mode" which is seeing it in first person, it made the movie and gun fights that much more intense. The second thing was the plot points is how the guys randomly found things that didn't move the plot or kill it, it was really cool to watch and of course a must see